Alphonso Mango Cubes / Powder




Our Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers are processed with unique Advanced Low Temperature Cold Dried (LTCD) technology and are marketed in Cubes, Flakes, Strips, Granules and Powder form - when compared with sun dried or freeze dried , our products are found to yield all the qualities like color, flavor, aroma, taste, rehydration, nutritional values and increased shelf life property to an unmatchable extent taking it very close to the fresh ones and makes our technology the best drying technology of the present era.

Our dried Alphanso mango cubes/ Powder is processed with this unique Advanced Low Temperature Cold Drying Technology (LTCD) which incorporates stringent process of drying in a sterilized closed room at low temperature which ensures that the product retain their required color, flavor, taste, rehydration, nutritional values and extended shelf life properties without any additives making it 100% Pure & Natural.


Mango is best eaten raw. The sweet fruit can be consumed all in itself or can be mixed in salads and cereal to enhance the their taste. The pulp of the fruit is juicy and is full of innumerable fibers.Mangoes are often used to make chutneys, which may be prepared from either raw or sweet mangoes In India, processed mango layers called "ampapad" are often sold in local markets In many parts of India, the mango juice fresh from the mangoes is often eaten with "Puris" Raw mangoes are used to make pickles, which are an excellent accompaniment with any Indian food item Dried strips of sweet, ripe mango are also popular, with those from Cebu and are exported worldwide A variety of things like juices, smoothies, ice cream, fruit bars, raspados, aguasfrescas, pies and sweet chili sauce, or mixed with chamoy, a sweet and spicy chili paste, are made from this wonderful fruit In many regions of South-east Asia, mangoes are very popular pickled with fish sauce and rice vinegar Dried unripe mango is used as a spice and is known as amchur India.


Storage Conditions

Temperature < 23°C
Relative Humidity 65% Max.
General Keep closed in a dry warehouse, free from infestation and not exposed to direct sunlight, Do not store adjacent to material that gives off strong odors

Testing Requirements

Parameter Tested
Standard plate count < 40,000 CFU/g
Coli forms Absent CFU/g
E. coli Absent CFU/g
Yeast & Molds Max. 100 CFU/g
Salmonella spp. Absent CFU/g
Moisture < 10 %

Packaging Details

Container Glass bottles
  Small box
Large box
Industrial boxes of 2 x 10 kgs. In a poly linear bags duly packed in 7 ply corrugated cartons
Bag  Markings Alphanso Mango-cold- dried, product code, weight in kgs.